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Explore various anime worlds with 9anime on Android!

Nowadays, with the fast development of the world, everybody is busy working or studying. Heavy schedules sometimes make us feel stressed, which can lead to misbehavior. Therefore, it is essential to have a relaxing leisure time. Some people read books, some exercise, some watch movies or play games, and some love to watch anime.

There is a lot of anime series on various platforms. So today, we would like to introduce to you 9anime - a simple-to-use app on Android, that lets you watch anime for free. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand why you should download 9anime to your Android device right now!

About the app

9anime app at top1apk.comis a free platform for fans and lovers of anime and manga. It is unique and has been released not so long ago. Also, this portal contains a huge collection of Japanese anime movies and series with translations and subtitles. The base of the anime is constantly updated, and new series are added almost daily.

In the anime world, nothing is impossible, and if you are willing to try hard to achieve your goals, you will eventually achieve results. Unlike American cartoons, quite often the best animes have deep meanings, in which there are always metaphors that are not immediately detectable. And with 9anime you can watch such animes:

One Piece

It’s actually hard to describe hundreds of episodes, but we can guarantee you that the main character, Luffy, will teach you a life lesson. He will teach that if you decide to do something, you will have to give all your strength and fight to the last to achieve your goal. This promise alone makes anime beautiful.

One-punch man

The main character can finish all his battles with one blow, and this upsets him. You might think that this is interesting? Here you will see that the super-obsessed hero is trying to find a stronger rival, trying to feel the thrill and adrenaline of the battles that he once felt before. Watch the show to get answers to philosophical questions.


The main character that lives in Tokyo - Kagome finds a portal that leads her through history to medieval Japan. Here she meets a half human Inu. Throughout the story, there are a lot of situations, after which the girl decided to help Inu. The anime Inuyasha managed to win millions of fans around the world and is considered a classic in the anime community. Try it out on 9anime to know more about action, fantasy, romance, horror, and comedy.

9anime - is it for kids or adults?

Actually, this app is for everyone. It is logical that a significant part of the cartoons is done exclusively for children. Such anime is called Kodo. From the vivid examples familiar to adult viewers, you can immediately recall “Pokemon.”

But there are many other types of anime, each of which is intended for a specific audience. Shounen - for teenage boys. They often have a very dynamic plot, a lot of rivalry, humor and beautiful girls. Shojo - for teenage girls. Here, either love stories, or girls with magical abilities. A vivid example is the well-known “Sailor Moon.”

Seinen - for adult men. And no, this is not erotic stuff, but simply more serious, dramatic and gloomy scenes. Josei - for women. Most often about domestic concerns, problems in the school life of students, and of course, love relationships.

In addition to 9Anime, there are many Movie watching apps free at our store.

View and download anime

Using the 9anime app for Android devices, you can watch your favorite TV shows online and download them into the memory of a smartphone/tablet to view offline. For each anime, a description and a handy series selector are added. Playback takes place in the built-in player. It allows you to select the quality (HD, SD), control the parameters of automatic switching of the series and create bookmarks. The player is also very intuitive. Download 9anime from our apk store and we assure you it will not disappoint!


9anime has a very concise interface and offers very convenient navigation. Searching for anime titles and series names is very easy, as everything here is crystal clear. Fans of Japanese animated cartoons will find here all their favorite characters and series. The application is divided into different animated categories.

Also, all pictures and images are performed at a high level and have excellent quality! Here you will find the best quality wallpapers. And the best thing is that you can download and use the application for free.

Key features

allows you to watch anime online and download individual series in the device's memory;

offers a huge, continually growing, collection of videos;

includes a convenient player that provides smooth playback even at low speeds of connection to the network;

possesses a very laconic graphic shell;

compatible with current versions of the Android operating system;

available for free, but contains ads.

How to download 9anime

Unfortunately, this awesome app was removed from Google Play Store due to copyrights issues, so it is quite hard to find it to download. The developers of this app are constantly working to solve the problem, and they often post on Twitter and Facebook about their latest updates. But you do not have to search anywhere else, as luckily, you can visit our apk store and download this app with ease! After downloading and installing just clear some formalities and 9anime we be ready for you to use!

Wrapping it up!

We hope that after reading our article, you are now feeling excited to try out 9anime. Here you can find the latest anime series, as well as the classic ones. Find and watch the best anime series with subs or dubs on 9anime for free!

Also, besides movies, you can find the best songs and wallpapers in the anime world. So what are you waiting for? Jump right into our store and download this awesome anime watching app! Enjoy Anime on Android for free right now - download 9Anime apk.
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