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F.A.Q. - Read it first! - How to add/change emoticons/ranks?

Matteo - 10-09-2010, 17:27
Temat postu: How to add/change emoticons/ranks?

If the old emots we get bored, they can be replaced by others, or add new.
Go to Administration Panel > General Admin > Smilies.
Package (file with .pak extension) must be imported used the option in the bottom Import Smiley Pack. Before we should upload it to catalog on FTP server. Default is images/smiles and this should be enter in AP > General Admin > Configuration > Posting > Smilies Storage Path if emots are in images/smiles directory.
Own emots should upload to images/smiles directory and used option Mass add smilies from catalog or Add a new Smiley add, describing code, after select a image.
You can also edit existing emots by change image or code of it.


Ranks - images, which are assigned by settings in AP.
Ranks images upload to templates/name_of_template/images/ranks directory.
Next go to AP > Group Admin > Ranks. There we can add or change image of rank. Rank could be special, for group or set by number of posts. Special ranks we can use as individual ranks, modify user profile and add rank to him.
When you make a rank, you could select image to it, one ot this, which you upload to the directory.
If you want use rank image without rank word, you can add before rank this code:

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