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F.A.Q. - Read it first! - How to reduce the size of an SQL database?

Matteo - 08-09-2010, 22:30
Temat postu: How to reduce the size of an SQL database?
How can I do that my forum working faster?

:arrow: Delete from server as mush images, avatars, etc.

:arrow: Truncate some tabel's in phpMyAdmin, I mean mainly:

a) phpbb_logs - removed Log Actions
b) phpbb_privmsgs - removed Private Messages
c) phpbb_privmsgs_text - removed Private Messages
d) phpbb_read_history - clears all unread topics/posts
e) phpbb_search_results - clears Search (search on forum)
f) phpbb_search_wordlist - clears Search (search on forum)
g) phpbb_search_wordmatch - clears Search (search on forum)
h) phpbb_shoutbox - removed all messages from ShoutBox
i) phpbb_topic_view - clears browse topics by users

:arrow: Several times a day should be performed "Optimizing database" in phpMyAdmin

:arrow: Enable on forum option "Gzip compression". This speeds the transfer of data from the server to the browser - data from the server are sent in compressed form instead of the normal, not like the reduced form, the browser decompresses the data and displays.

:arrow: I don't recommend to add on the forum much ads like google advertising, it burden server and forum. Remember also that the abuse images on the forum is also cumbersome and forum can work slowly. Consider the simple construction of the forum, too much addons isn't indicated.

:arrow: Very important is also server where we have a forum. If is tha free hosting, be sure, that your forum will be working slowly.

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