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F.A.Q. - Read it first! - How to set CHMODs?

Matteo - 06-09-2010, 23:21
Temat postu: How to set CHMODs?

Some servers, to be able to save a file using the script, so through our forum (ex. avatars, photos, files etc.), require setting the appropriate access rights to files (chmods). These rights can be given through an FTP client that has a command line (ex. Total Commander, Windows Commander etc.), typing:

chmod 666 name_of_file (for files)
chmod 777 name_of_directory (for directories)

Sometimes after you install a forum we don't have to do anything, but if you are having trouble with uploading files, we need to give these rights to the following directories:


How to do this?

How to change attributes CHMODS using TotalCommander on FTP server ?

1. Log in to the FTP server.

2. Select an directory and go to Files > Change attributes, like this:

[ Screen 1 ]

3. Window appears where you can change the attributes, we can change the settings by changing the digital or by selecting the appropriate option:

[ Screen 2 ]

4. Możesz zobaczyć, jaki chmod ma ustawiony dany katalog.

[ Screen 3 ]

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