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F.A.Q. - Read it first! - Moving forum from one server to another

Matteo - 05-09-2010, 23:05
Temat postu: Moving forum from one server to another
If you want move forum from one server to another you should do this:

1. Preparing a new server.
2. You need to havedatabase too. You can make it by cPanel/DirectAdmin/phpMyAdmin on your account. If server administrator create database already - omit this step
3. Go to old forum.
4. Close forum in Administration Panel. AP » General Admin » Configuration » Main » Disable forum (and type a message).
5. Truncate search tables. This is necessary if your database is very large - thus avoid many problems when you will import database:!:
You can do this via phpMyAdmin. (phpMyAdmin - service)
TRUNCATE `phpbb_search_results`;
TRUNCATE `phpbb_search_wordlist`;
TRUNCATE `phpbb_search_wordmatch`;

If you have another prefix - change it.

Much space takes also table phpbb_read_history (it contains the history of unread posts). If you feel that you and users survive a loss of information, you can also clear it (this operation is irreversible). Save (depending on the size of its board) from a few hundred KB to several MB. To do it, you must do this query:
TRUNCATE phpbb_read_history;

6. Make a database backup ( structure and data ).
7. Copy forum directory from old server ex. on pulpit (save avatars signatures etc.)
8. Upload forum directory on new server.
9. Remember of set file config.php. You can use to this DumpLoader (
10. Go to and set all CHMODs, which are in red.
11. Editing dump the database, looking at the data of table phpbb_config adress of old server and change to new or do this query's:
UPDATE `phpbb_config` SET `config_value` = 'SERVER ADRESS' WHERE `config_name` = 'server_name' LIMIT 1;
UPDATE `phpbb_config` SET `config_value` = '/FORUM PATH/' WHERE `config_name` = 'script_path' LIMIT 1;
UPDATE `phpbb_config` SET `config_value` = 'DOMAIN COOKIE' WHERE `config_name` = 'cookie_domain' LIMIT 1;
UPDATE `phpbb_config` SET `config_value` = 'COOKIE NAME' WHERE `config_name` = 'cookie_name' LIMIT 1;

You can use for this also DumpLoader. Open next go to "Configure forum" and set correctly value.
12. Import this modify database on new server ex. via DumpLoader
Possibly do it by phpMyAdmin -> (choose your database) -> SQL -> or Location of text file -> Browse -> (select file and click Go)
13. Look to CF ( If something are on red colour - repair it (if you don't know how - use search on this forum!)
14. Go to new forum, AP > SQL > Rebuild Search.
15. Enable forum in AP.

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