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F.A.Q. - Read it first! - Files and directories of forum script

Matteo - 05-09-2010, 20:19
Temat postu: Files and directories of forum script
In this topic you can find list of all files and directories of script.

admin - contains files relating to the administration panel
album_mod - contains the files associated with the operation of album
attach_mod - contains files related with attachments
cache - contains cached files
chatbox_mod - contains files of the chatbox module
db - contains files with information about connecting to the database, and in a subdirectory of the database backups
dbloader - script for uploading the database and setting the basic things (path, domain)
docs - short script file
files - location where attachments are saved
images - graphics on the forum, such as avatars, photos, profile, signature, smilies
includes - 'heart of script', a place where you will find some of the most important files, containing mainly used in the script functions
language - script language files
pafiledb - contains files of download mod
scripts - additional files, usually not used by the script for the updating, repair forum
stat_modules - contains files for statistics
templates - are in the styles used in the forum
tmp - directory for temporary files
xs_mod - responsible for the design and operation of the module styles in admin

ad.php - displays of advertising
album.php - responsible for the album
album_cat.php - data related to the album categories
album_comment.php - data associated with comments in this album
album_comment_delete.php - responsible for removing the comments in this album
album_comment_edit.php - responsible for editing comments in this album
album_delete.php - responsible for removing your album
album_edit.php - responsible for editing your album
album_modcp.php - responsible for the moderation of your album
album_page.php - responsible for the page with a photo in album
album_personal.php - user's personal album
album_personal_index.php - personal list of albums
album_pic.php - displaying particular images from album
album_portal.php - portal album
album_rate.php - evaluating album
album_thumbnail.php - create thumbnails in the album
album_upload.php - upload photos to album
attach_rules.php - attachments permissions
chatbox_front.php - chatbox module
check_data.php - saved checksums file
check_files.php - checksum verification files
common.php - one of the most important files, is responsible for the integration of various functions, such as cookies or sessions
config.php - contains the information needed to connect to the database
customize.php - transforming basic information into appropriate script for each user
dload.php - base module download
download.php - responsible for downloading attachments - small file, specifying the file extension
faq.php - responsible for the FAQ module on the forum
fetchposts.php - responsible for the correct display of posts (parsing bbcode, smileys) and the counting of topics and posts in forums
gg.php - send notifications to gg
groupcp.php - responsible for displaying a list of groups in the forum
groupcp_mail.php - responsible for sending emails to members of the group
ignore.php - responsible for ignoring users, sections
ignore_topics.php - responsible for ignoring specific topics
index.php - first file, which enters the browser when entering the board, is responsible for home page
install.php - responsible for the installation of your script
login.php - responsible for the login to the forum
memberlist.php - users list
modcp.php - moderator panel
portal.php - portal homepage
portal_page1.html - example subpage own portal, which can be edited
post_history.php - responsible for editing posts view history
posting.php - writing a post, the topic
printview.php - responsible for printing the page with the topic, message
profile.php - displays the profile of user
profilephoto_mod.php - responsible for the profile photo
quick_reply.php - quick reply
report.php - reporting posts and topics to moderators
resync_forum_stats.php - resync statistics
search.php - search on forum
seeker.php - to search for specific information, such as a user, etc.
shoutbox.php - development and maintenance shoutbox
shoutbox_view.php - display the content shoutbox
staff.php - peoples responsible for the forum
statistics.php - forum statistics
tellafriend.php - tell a friend
topic_spy.php - topic tracking
topic_view_users.php - displays users browsing the topic
uacp.php - attachments panel
viewforum.php - displays data subforum
viewonline.php - displays the persons on board
viewtopic.php - displays the topic
warnings.php - warnings in the forum

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