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F.A.Q. - Read it first! - Advertising

Matteo - 04-09-2010, 00:30
Temat postu: Advertising
What we can do here?
1) Make the right column header
2) Make the right column footer
3) Define the ability to hide advertisements panel by selected users groups
4) Define the width of the right column
5) Define what is to be a separator of links in the footer
6) Define what is to be a separator of links in the header
7) Add entry by specifying the code, email the person who wants to show us a link, number of days that you want to see your ad, its position and whether you want to count clicks
8) Modifi entry (already without the possibility of including counting clicks)

Additionally: Trouble with delete links

Overview functions
Ad 1)
Header could be written in the form, ex.
<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" align="center">
        <td align="center" class="topnav" width="100%"><b>Advertising</b></td>

If you leave the field blank, you will not receive any header.

Ad 2)
Footer could be in the form:

If you leave the field blank, you will not receive any footer.

Ad 3)
You can define whether this option should be enable or available to logged-in users, or just only for moderators and admins.

Ad 4)
Enter the any value in pixels (only number!). Default 150.

Ad 5)
Type character which has separate links in the footer, ex.


Ad 6)
Type character which has separate links in the side panel, ex.
<br /><br />

Ad 7)
In the main field enter the code of link in the form (you can add to this ex. alt, target, etc.):
<a href="">Text, which was display on the home page</a>

Fields E-mail and number of days are optional, you don't have to their fill.
Then specify where you want to see a link. You have 3 options: at the bottom, from side or hidden.
Counting clicks you can activate only when adding links. Clicks can be seen in

Ad 8 )
At the bottom is a table of existing entries. When you want to edit it click on it and change the data.
You can't activate the counting links in the existing entry. In this case, it remains for us to remove, add and re-activate this function.

Trouble with delete links
Method I
If you add entry, whichwhich for unknown reasons, doesn't show up in Administration Panel you can delete it manually. For this purpose, go to phpmyadmin. Choose your database. Select a browse option () near table phpbb_advertisement. Will show you the list of entries ad. At the selected item click on delete button () and confirm.

Method II
You need to do, that adress forum looks like that:

As can be seen after the id= is "x" - at this point, type id of ad.
To obtain advertising ID enough, that you move the mouse over the entry "up" or "down", then we'll see at the bottom of the browser what is the address to this link.

ID of ad in this case is = 3

ID of ad in this case is = 5

ID of ad in this case is = 7

So, for example, to edit the ad with ID = 7 adress looks like that:


But to get to change the advertising opportunities we have to enter your session id (SID).
So we need to add the address of the earlier:


In place YourSID enter what you have as you are usually in AP (is that code after sid=).
Final example:


After saving changes clear cache.

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